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The Fix – WHITE COLLAR fan fic

My current fanfic is called “The Fix.

Synopsis: Neal is given a potent drug while rescuing a kidnapped Peter.

Warnings: Story is a bit more mature than most with references to drug usage, possible references to suicide, whumpage, some violence and post traumatic stress syndrome.


OT: My Peter Burke card arrived! *squee!*

I did a “buy it now” on a charity auction from Jeff Eastin for a Business Card for Peter Burke, FBI. It’s signed by the actor that plays him: Tim DeKay.

Here is how it looked in the envelope:

Here is how it looks after I framed it:

White Collar Season 1 DVDs cheap!

I won an extra set of the DVD season 1 set. These are brand new. If you’re interested, I’m asking $20 (USA only) which includes shipping.  Leave a comment here if you want to buy.

As of 10/10/10 (can you say lots of 10s?) this has been sold.
Thanks for the interest!

Other than that,  thinking of a new fan fic idea of short stories. I see people doing drabbles as they call it. I’m not good at short but I’m going to try. I have an idea already in the works. Will start it soon as my current fan fic is over.

Symbiotic – a WHITE COLLAR fan fic

I don’t own WHITE COLLAR but I sure love writing fan fics for the series.

My current one is called Symbiotic. Neal walks into the middle of a gun fight between the FBI and a big Russian mobster. Whumpage and lots of other fun stuff. And always, expect spoilers from the episodes. I have a tendency to at least reference things that have happened in the past and present seasons.

Thanks for all the nice comments thus far. I appreciate them!

Treasure Taxi – a WHITE COLLAR fan fic

This was something I wrote a little while back while watching the show Cash Cab on Discovery Channel. If you don’t know what Cash Cab is, it’s a show where people in NYC randomly catch a cab that’s actually a game show on wheels. It’s pretty fun to watch people’s reactions as they realize the cabbie is going to be quizzing them on the way to their destination. If they do well, they get a free ride and cash. If they do badly, well let’s just say they have a great anecdote to tell to friends and they got a free cab ride.

My story is called “Treasure Taxi“, a little play on “Cash Cab”  and it involves a “What if” scenario… What if Neal and Peter had to catch a cab to a scene of the crime after getting into a wreck with the perp they were chasing? What if one of them wasn’t quite acting like themselves and the driver was a bit oblivious to their predicament?


Fan Fiction Grrl Alert!

Welcome to my fan fiction blog for my White Collar fan fics.  I am a hardcore writer of fan fiction at the moment having started back in December I believe and now have a good 35 stories to my name at Fan Fiction Net for the White Collar tv show.

My current story is called “Hard Choices” and is about Neal worrying that something is wrong when Peter doesn’t show up to work. His friend and partner “texted” in a sick leave which was odd in itself. There has to be a mystery here. Read more to find out what it is!

Just a small disclaimer:  I do not own anything associated with the show WHITE COLLAR. I just like the show so much I write lots of stories for it.

I would also like to point out that I do not write Slash. I don’t like it but I have no issues with other people writing it. It’s not something I’m into so if you think you see it in any of my stories, you are looking WAY too hard. I also do not do any kind of “Neal / Peter / El” stories. Just not my kind of thing. Neal will not be hitting on Peter much less El any time soon in my stories.

I do write whumpage mostly concerning Peter and Neal, the latter mostly but I will occasionally beat up someone else like Jones, Diana or even El if it’s necessary for the story plot. I try to keep it PG-13 and maybe a mild R at times when I borrow from darker sources. I don’t cuss much in the stories beyond what’s necessary and the violence is not used in a way just to randomly beat people up or be excessive. I try to at least give a reason why and not just have someone get beat up for no reason.

And I always try to end on a high note or with humor. I figure after all the whump there has to be a happy ending of some kind even if it’s a little bittersweet.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Please come again soon!