White Collar Season 1 DVDs cheap!

I won an extra set of the DVD season 1 set. These are brand new. If you’re interested, I’m asking $20 (USA only) which includes shipping.  Leave a comment here if you want to buy.

As of 10/10/10 (can you say lots of 10s?) this has been sold.
Thanks for the interest!

Other than that,  thinking of a new fan fic idea of short stories. I see people doing drabbles as they call it. I’m not good at short but I’m going to try. I have an idea already in the works. Will start it soon as my current fan fic is over.


One response to “White Collar Season 1 DVDs cheap!

  1. Well, I’m interested. But I’ve found this a little late so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else found this post first. It’s a nice site by the way. Haven’t caught up with that fanfic yet. I expect I’ll go thru a lot of fanfics at this rate of WC withdrawal

    Wild Horse Fantasy 🙂

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