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Updated: Menagerie Short Stories / Drabbles

Two new shorts (could be longer stories if I feel like it) in my Menagerie short story and drabbles collection. Both stories were written for Halloween.

Story 1 – Bloodwork: has Neal feeling a little anemic.
Story 2 – Ghost of a Chance: has Peter finding his partner a little more transparent than usual.

Let me know what you think!


Cry Wolf – WHITE COLLAR fan fic

Cry Wolf is my current Halloween themed fan fic.

Neal is showing signs of Lycanthropy (werewolf-ism for the lay person) and Peter is trying to figure out what is causing it. Lots of whumpage, some blood and violence (expect that with a werewolf story) and other adult themes. Nothing too bad but I’d give it a PG-13 to R rating to be safe.

I blame the currently not so full moon for this story.

White Collar Halloween Fan Fics (boo!)

Want some spooky fan fics based off White Collar to read? Here are a few stories based off the series with supernatural or paranormal properties.

1) Subconscious

2) Polar Opposites

3) Dangerous Artifacts

4) That Voodoo That You Do and the sequel That Old Black Magic

That’s it for now but I am working on a new story titled “Cry Wolf.” It’s a supernatural story of sorts. I won’t spoil it too much but here’s a short scene:

Cry Wolf Snippet:

Neal was running through the woods, the trail rough as he stumbled headlong at top speed. His left hand held someone else’s hand in his, the person starting to lag a bit as he felt the pull against his arm. They were tiring… he was tiring too but they couldn’t stop. It wasn’t an option.

Suddenly the other hand slipped from his and he heard a soft cry as the figure made a sound. He turned and saw them on the ground, their silhouette masked against the dim moonlight above and the trees around them.

ALEX!” He came to a stop and turned, starting to go back when he heard it. There was a horrible low guttural growl then another as he saw them appear around her. He was only a few yards away but far enough they ignored him for her.

RUN NEAL! RUN!” Alex’ voice screamed as she scooted back on her butt on the caliche’ trail, backing up against a tree as the figures surrounded her, red eyes glittering in the darkness. Neal started back. He wasn’t going to leave her. He looked around as he made his way forward, three figures surrounding the young woman their growls evident. He found a large stick and picked it up, starting to run forward as they closed in.

STAY AWAY FROM HER!” He screamed as he approached but it was too late as they attacked her, the sound horrifying. Neal felt sick, his stomach churning at the sight but he continued towards them, stick in hand determined to do something to defend the young woman and himself. He was almost there when he saw the results of their attack and stopped short in his tracks. She was dead, eyes staring up at him blankly in the dim glow of moonlight from above, her face covered in blood. Neal backed away slowly from the scene still holding the large branch in his hand as he felt nausea and sadness wash over him.

“Alex…” He whispered sadly, terror in his heart at what he had seen when something else made him jump. Those red eyes were looking up from their kill at him now, muzzles covered in thick dark liquid that matched their eyes. Neal stepped back realizing he could do nothing now for his friend, the pack looking at him hungrily. He was too close, backing up slowly then a bit faster as they started to growl at him, the sound making him shudder. He drew back a bit further, their members slowly trying to flank him from the sides but he wasn’t going to let that happen as he turned and ran for his life.

Neal was flying down the path, the branch he’d lifted forgotten as he tossed it aside and ran as fast as he could. The path may have been rough but he flew deer-like finding his footing as he went and adjusting in the darkness, the white stones of the trail glittering some in the dim moonlight. He was only vaguely aware it was a full moon, the meaning not lost on him as he continued his headlong rush. Then he saw it, sprinting as best he could towards the structure. Their growls and hisses were close behind, their breath nearly at his throat he thought as he pulled open the door and ran inside slamming it shut and throwing the bolt.

There was a loud thumping sound as figures hit against the dark wooden door. It rattled in its frame, the hinges groaning as they fought to stay in place. Neal covered his ears, stepping back trying not to hear them and closing his eyes. He saw a flash of Alex’ dead body and opened his eyes again, the pounding at the door changing ever so slightly as a voice began to speak. It was an inhuman voice, a sound like he had never heard before and would never want to hear again.

Thieeeeeeeeef… opeeeeen uuuupp.”

Neal moved farther from the door into the small cabin hoping he could find a way out when he noticed the small chink of light at his feet. He turned to see the open shutters of a window off to his left. A shadow passed by the window, breaking the path of light till a shattering of wood and glass made him jump, the shutters breaking into so many splinters and the figure stared up at him with glowing red eyes. Slowly the form, that of a wolf, grew and transformed to something humanoid. Neal had moved as far into the corner of the dark building as he could, the small cabin empty and devoid of anywhere to hide or any weapon. The figure laughed.

Thought you could hide from us? We take care of thiiiiieeeefffs like youuuu.” The voice rattled at him, Neal seeing those red eyes crouch before him as hot breath touched his cheek and the smell of blood filled his nostrils… Alex’ blood he thought as those red eyes burned into his mind.

Good-bye… thiiieeefff!

A Pet Project

Something I made for fun:

Let me know what you think.

Sublimation – a WHITE COLLAR fan fiction

According to Wikipedia:

Sublimation is the transition of a substance from the solid phase to the gas phase without passing through an intermediate liquid phase.

In my current fan fic based off the White Collar TV show Neal and Peter fight with their trust issues after “Point Blank.” Both men seem unable to express their trust in one another especially after a near death experience caused by Neal going behind Peter’s back. What happens when the issue of trust gets in the way of their friendship? Read and see…