Yes I’m still writing

Bit busy at the moment and distracted. Thinking I need to start taking my vitamins again. Brain just isn’t able to deal with all the distractions and stuff I’ve had to deal with lately. I should finish up my current story soon along with another one I wrote for an LJ site and another I have in the background peculating. Actually I have several ideas running around one of which is being written when I think about it on my iPod when I get bored.


3 responses to “Yes I’m still writing

  1. Distractions are the worst, though I do find vitamins tend to help. Even if the help is minimal; it’s essential.

  2. Well I’ve been diagnosed as anemic so I do need something. I think it’s an age thing mostly. Just makes me feel spacey.

  3. I do hope it isn’t too severe. I would definitely recommend taking vitamins in that case; every little bit helps.

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