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I’m still here!

I’m a terrible blogger but I wanted to let everyone know I am in the current round for White Collar Big Bang. I’ll be writing a story for it and already have something in mind I’ve been mulling over in my head. I won’t be giving away any clues although if you go the site above you can get spoiled there.

Stories won’t be posted until Fall of this year but I will be hard at work making my fan fiction for all to read. 🙂

I also want to thank everyone who’s posted a comment, review or faved my stories and account at Fan Fiction Net. I read every comment and like to see which of my stories have been liked.

Thanks again!


A White Collar Year in Review

So, here’s what happened to me as related to White Collar:

1) I was lucky enough to take another trip to NYC and see them shoot the show just a little bit. Unfortunately Matt was sick for part of the visit so we only saw him briefly the day of his Emmy Nom news. Was lucky enough to get caught on camera (in the background) apparently if you look up the “Access Hollywood” segment he did that week.  After he was interviewed by about 4 different shows he the fans some love by signing things, taking pics and a photographer was nice enough to get a group shot with everyone there (my group and some other girls included) so we got a very nice full shot with Matt. The nicest part, when we were gathering for the shot, he put his arm around me and said “Ok everyone, lets get together for this shot!” LOL and I just let him pull me close. 😀 (dying in a good way)

2) Finally got to go to the TOP of the Empire State Bldg. OMG that is the most beautiful view ever! You can see everything and I got some nice shots of the city and WTC memorial tower. I also convinced some of my group to go to the Chrysler Bldg lobby which I had always wanted to see so that was something else we did. You can’t go up to the top but you can visit the lobby which has some nice art deco decor that’s pretty. I also got some awesome shots of the Chrysler from the outside:

Chrysler Bldg LDG 2014

Chrysler Bldg
LDG 2014

3) Met Tim and Willie and the Photobomber crew man who was always showing up in fan pics. Mainly we watched some scene with Willie getting filmed for the next episode “All’s Fair.” Most of the scenes were inside so we only saw a bit of Willie on the outside and he was also scooting along from the set to wherever they had their catering. 🙂 His son was with him too and kept going back and forth between the set and somewhere else.

4) and now to make this related to Fan Fiction… I recently did a story for the Live journal group White Collar Big Bang and Reverse Big Bang. Look it up online. I also am working on another story for the LJ White Collar Hurt/Comfort Advent. I’ll be posting on the 12th and no I am not revealing the storyline. 😛 You’ll have to wait like everyone else. 😉 The prompt is at LJ but I choose to keep it quiet for now. 😉

That’s it. Figured I should update once in a long while.

I am sad that White Collar has to go with only 3 more episodes left. I’ve spent the last 6 years watching this show, meeting up with the cast during part of that time and visiting NYC only to find I love everything about the show and cast/crew more than ever.


Better late than never…

I just finished a fan fic last week called: Silent Witness.

Neal gets beat up pretty badly from an old foe of Peter’s (as does Peter) and ends up without the use of his silvery tongue. How will he talk when he knows something is wrong? Read to find out!

Other than that… slow going on the fan fics. Have lots of ideas and then people have requested ideas so I’ve been playing with lots of plots. I’m just a little distracted with the whole NaNoWriMo thing. I have about 15K to go and I’m done. I should get 5K by Wednesday and then I have 10K left by the following Tuesday. I’m sure I can do this. I did write a 60K + fan fic in October in less than 2 wks which was scary when I went back and saw the word count. 😀

So enjoy the story and review. I will comment as I can.

The Fix – WHITE COLLAR fan fic

My current fanfic is called “The Fix.

Synopsis: Neal is given a potent drug while rescuing a kidnapped Peter.

Warnings: Story is a bit more mature than most with references to drug usage, possible references to suicide, whumpage, some violence and post traumatic stress syndrome.