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Fan Fiction Fodder

Yes, I just finished my uberly long, 36 chaptered fan fiction based off the first 2 seasons and the beginning of season 3.

I also had a great time in NYC and brought back pictures of Neal’s apartment upclose, his desk at the FBI offices and Peter’s home and his desk at the FBI. It was fun running through the sets and just being able to actually sit on, touch and view everything first hand. It’s all in a huge sound stage but the sets are beautiful and so cool to run through! Like Disneyland or Universal but better. *squees!*

Here’s a shot someone in the group took of Neal’s terrace:

Neal Caffrey's terrace

Neal Caffrey's Terrace (set)


The Fix – WHITE COLLAR fan fic

My current fanfic is called “The Fix.

Synopsis: Neal is given a potent drug while rescuing a kidnapped Peter.

Warnings: Story is a bit more mature than most with references to drug usage, possible references to suicide, whumpage, some violence and post traumatic stress syndrome.