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I’m still here!

I’m a terrible blogger but I wanted to let everyone know I am in the current round for White Collar Big Bang. I’ll be writing a story for it and already have something in mind I’ve been mulling over in my head. I won’t be giving away any clues although if you go the site above you can get spoiled there.

Stories won’t be posted until Fall of this year but I will be hard at work making my fan fiction for all to read. 🙂

I also want to thank everyone who’s posted a comment, review or faved my stories and account at Fan Fiction Net. I read every comment and like to see which of my stories have been liked.

Thanks again!


Live Journal White Collar Reverse Big Bang 2014

I’m in this contest at the moment. Nothing to win but readers and I got a good piece of art work to base a story on. Should be posted in March at some point when the dates come up.

I’ll post updates as needed.

So, who’s not happy with the no news on Season 6 fiasco?