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Halloween inspired White Collar fan fics

Just a few fan fics based off the White Collar series that would be perfect to read on a scary Halloween evening:

  1. A Curse Upon You
  2. Corrupt
  3. Ghost of a Chance
  4. Bloodwork
  5. Cry Wolf
  6. That Voodoo That You Do
  7. That Old Black Magic
  8. Dangerous Artifacts

Updated: Menagerie Short Stories / Drabbles

Two new shorts (could be longer stories if I feel like it) in my Menagerie short story and drabbles collection. Both stories were written for Halloween.

Story 1 – Bloodwork: has Neal feeling a little anemic.
Story 2 – Ghost of a Chance: has Peter finding his partner a little more transparent than usual.

Let me know what you think!