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New stories!

I’ve written maybe three or four more stories since the last post in January.

Check out my site to read them: j3nnee @ fan fiction net!

I also updated my Menagerie short drabbles with a few more shorts.


Treasure Taxi – a WHITE COLLAR fan fic

This was something I wrote a little while back while watching the show Cash Cab on Discovery Channel. If you don’t know what Cash Cab is, it’s a show where people in NYC randomly catch a cab that’s actually a game show on wheels. It’s pretty fun to watch people’s reactions as they realize the cabbie is going to be quizzing them on the way to their destination. If they do well, they get a free ride and cash. If they do badly, well let’s just say they have a great anecdote to tell to friends and they got a free cab ride.

My story is called “Treasure Taxi“, a little play on “Cash Cab”  and it involves a “What if” scenario… What if Neal and Peter had to catch a cab to a scene of the crime after getting into a wreck with the perp they were chasing? What if one of them wasn’t quite acting like themselves and the driver was a bit oblivious to their predicament?